To use this system, you have to say !auctions add, item name, amount, price
For example: !auctions add, stamina refiller, 1, 5
By saying that, you would add 1 stamina refiller from your backpack to auctions system, and other people would be able to buy it for 5 gold nuggets. As soon as someone buys it, you would get money in your backpack.
To withdraw your item from the auctions, you have to use: !auctions withdraw, auction ID
For example: !auctions withdraw, 13
After using that, your offer would be removed and you would get your item in your backpack.
To buy, you have to say !auctions buy, auction ID
For example: !auctions buy, 10
After saying that, money will be removed from your backpack and you would get the item.
Note: this would automatically remove money from your backpack and you can\'t un-do this step, so be careful when you use it.
If you are withdrawing/buying something, make sure you have at least 1 free spot in your backpack.

Frozen StarlightPhoenix ringRose armorInfinite potion
Guardian robeFerumbras dollNightmare dollAscarus doll
Arcanes hatShadow defenderEXP BoosterLeaf legs
Native ArmorDrachakuWarrior armorMagical legs
Assassin hoodStarlight amuletSupreme ring of regenerationWhacking driller of fate
Bow of the GaladhrimThe ExcaliburThe SoulstealerThe Windweaver
Sneaky staffSkills falconAddon dollStamina refiller
Pair of soft bootsBlessed shieldChainbolterSpellbook of dark mysteries
Star tearFirewalker bootsMaster archer's armorYalahari leg piece
Yalahari maskDark trinity maceSolar swordSolar axe
Solar cloakYalahari armorElite draken helmetRoyal scale robe
Royal draken mailElite draken mailGame tokenTeleport clay
Forever AOLRS RemoverBlack skullFlash boots
Godly helmetGodly Ring of protectionDwarven helmetDragon scale helmet
Dragon scale legsDwarven legsGolden bootsMagic longsword
Rainbow shieldNightmare shieldNecromancer shieldPaw amulet
Custom monster outfit changerExpedition backpackMystery Gift

Currently active auctions

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