A quick mini-guide on how to play on Ascarus!

Welcome to Ascarus. This is a server based on the 8.60 version. Our server accommodates multiple players, in a role playing game.

How To Start
The Game Client

Your starting level is 8. To raise your level, you must kill monsters and gain experience points from them. They can be found in different places all over the game world. Generally speaking, only weak monsters can be found in towns (for example, in the sewer systems), and stronger monsters are more distant from the towns. To attack monsters, you can right-click on them, or left-click in the Battle window (found below your inventory).

Monsters will attack you and make you lose health points (red bar), to recover them, you can eat food (buy from shops or loot from monsters), use healing spells or potions. You may notice you are given some health potions and food when you start playing (check your backpack in your inventory). You can also find your health bar below your character name in game. If you have around 70% or more of your HP intact, the bar on your name will be green. Around 30-70% of your HP, the bar will be yellow, and below that it will show up red.

Mana points (blue bar) are used for spells. They can also be regenerated with food and potions. There are multiple spells of different categories: attack spells, defensive spells, conjuring spells and support spells. The higher your level is, the more spells you will be able to use. Also, some spells may be unique to certain vocations. You can read more information on spells here. You can also check all your vocation spells by typing down the command "!spells" ingame. Health and mana points will increase as you gain levels. The speed you walk with will also increase as you gain more levels. Make sure you use adequate spells for your hunts, and have fun testing them!

Some monsters when they die drop items that can be collected from their dead bodies/corpses. You can “loot” these items by right-clicking the dead body. An extra window will show in the right what is inside the dead body, and you can collect the items you want from it by dragging them with your mouse into your backpack.

Some small tips about Ascarus: In our game world, when your character dies, they will not lose any items until they reach at least level 120. From then on, please protect your items by buying an "amulet of loss" with the "!aol" command in game. You are also advised to buy blessings with the "!bless" command, which reduce the skills and levels loss upon death. Starting from level 120 and higher, PvP (player versus player) will be enabled. That means you will be able to attack and be attacked by other players. Prepare yourself accordingly!

Please be aware of signs and read them if you find them, since they most likely have useful information about the place you are in.

You can make friends in the game and form a guild (clan) if you want to. Guilds provide an easy way of communicating between players that know each other, uniting them in a single group. You can create and/or find guilds here. Guilds also provide special benefits, like being able to participate in guild wars that reward you with points.

Playing in Ascarus is an adventure; you can choose the gaming style you like the most! The true objective in playing is whatever you want it to be, either being a top level, making friends, making money, gaining popularity, helping the community, it is your choice to make!