Name Spell words Type Level Mana Vocations Cooldown
Stronger Heal Friendexura gran sioInstant500340Epic Elder Druid1.2 sec
Clean Footutani san hurInstant5001000Epic Royal Paladin4 sec
Extreme Challengeexeta mas resInstant500300Epic Elite Knight1.5 sec
Divine Brillianceutito div vitaInstant5001000Epic Master Sorcerer2 sec
Ultimate Mass Healingexura max resInstant400250Ascended Elder Druid2 sec
Deaths Coreexevo gran mas mortInstant4001500Ascended Master Sorcerer3 sec
Ultimate Sharpshooterutito tempo max sanInstant400500Ascended Royal Paladin2.6 sec
Ultimate Berserkexori maxInstant400210Ascended Elite Knight1.6 sec
Divine Shieldexevo vigorInstant300100Elite Knight1 sec
Strong Diving Missileexori gran sanInstant300210Royal Paladin1.4 sec
Death Waveexevo mort hurInstant300700Master Sorcerer3 sec
Paralyze Beamexevo ani hurInstant3002000Elder Druid2 sec
Strong Ethereal Spearexori gran conInstant123100Paladin, Royal Paladin1.3 sec
Annihilationexori gran icoInstant120150Knight, Elite Knight, Epic Elite Knight1 sec
Intense Recoveryutura granInstant100165Paladin, Knight, Royal Paladin, Elite Knight60 sec
Ultimate Flame Strikeexori max flamInstant100150Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Ultimate Ice Strikeexori max frigoInstant100150Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Ultimate Tera Strikeexori max teraInstant100150Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Ultimate Energy Strikeexori max visInstant100150Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Magic Wall(none)Rune80All1.3 sec
Wild Growth(none)Rune80Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Intense Wound Cleansingexura gran icoInstant80200Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Strong Energy Strikeexori gran visInstant80100Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer4 sec
Heal Friendexura sioInstant80140Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Mass Healingexura gran mas resInstant80150Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Magic Walladevo grav teraInstant80750Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1.1 sec
Wild Growthadevo grav vitaInstant80600Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Cursedutori mortInstant7530Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer40 sec
Holy Flashutori sanInstant7050Paladin, Royal Paladin40 sec
Front Sweepexori minInstant70200Knight, Elite Knight2 sec
Strong Flame Strikeexori gran flamInstant70100Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Strong Tera Strikeexori gran teraInstant70100Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Strong Ice Strikeexori gran frigoInstant70100Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Fierce Berserkexori granInstant70200Knight, Elite Knight2 sec
Hells Coreexevo gran mas flamInstant601100Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer3 sec
Eternal Winterexevo gran mas frigoInstant601100Druid, Elder Druid3 sec
Sharpshooterutito tempo sanInstant60450Paladin, Royal Paladin6 sec
Blood Rageutito tempoInstant60290Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Power Boltexevo con visInstant59800Royal Paladin1 sec
Lightningexori amp visInstant55160Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer0.5 sec
Rage of the Skiesexevo gran mas visInstant55750Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2.5 sec
Wrath of Natureexevo gran mas teraInstant55750Druid, Elder Druid2.7 sec
Swift Footutamo tempo sanInstant55400Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Protectorutamo tempoInstant55200Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Paralyze(none)Rune542000Druid, Elder Druid2.5 sec
Paralyzeadana aniInstant541400Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
RecoveryuturaInstant5075Paladin, Knight, Royal Paladin, Elite Knight60 sec
Divine Calderaexevo mas sanInstant50160Paladin, Royal Paladin2 sec
Arcane Brillianceutito vitaInstant50400Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Sudden Death(none)Rune45All1.3 sec
Cure Bleedingexana korInstant4530Druid, Knight, Elder Druid, Elite Knight0.5 sec
Enchant Spearexeta conInstant45350Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Sudden Deathadori gran mortInstant45985Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1.1 sec
Energy Wall(none)Rune41All2 sec
Enchant Staffexeta visInstant4180Master Sorcerer1 sec
Energy Walladevo mas grav visInstant411000Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Inflict Woundutori korInstant4030Knight, Elite Knight0.5 sec
Envenomutori poxInstant4030Druid, Elder Druid40 sec
Divine Missileexori sanInstant4020Paladin, Royal Paladin2 sec
Strong Waveexevo gran frigo hurInstant40270Druid, Elder Druid5.5 sec
Energy Waveexevo vis hurInstant38170Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Terra Waveexevo tera hurInstant38210Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Energybomb(none)Rune37All2 sec
Energy Bombadevo mas visInstant37880Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1 sec
BerserkexoriInstant35115Knight, Elite Knight2 sec
Divine Healingexura sanInstant35210Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Invisibilityutana vidInstant35440Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Electrifyutori visInstant3430Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer, Druid, Elder Druid30 sec
Fire Wall(none)Rune33All1.2 sec
Groundshakerexori masInstant33160Knight, Elite Knight2 sec
Conjure Piercing Boltexevo con gravInstant33180Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Fire Walladevo mas grav flamInstant33780Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Explosion(none)Rune31All2 sec
Explosionadevo mas hurInstant31570Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Great Fireball(none)Rune30All2 sec
Avalanche(none)Rune30All2 sec
Cure Burningexana flamInstant3030Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Knight0.5 sec
Wound Cleansingexana mortInstant3065Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Great Fireballadori mas flamInstant30530Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1 sec
Avalancheadori mas frigoInstant30530Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Poison Wall(none)Rune29All1.5 sec
Great Energy Beamexevo gran vis luxInstant29110Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Poison Walladevo mas grav poxInstant29640Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Icicle(none)Rune28All2 sec
Stone Shower(none)Rune28All2 sec
Thunderstorm(none)Rune28All2 sec
Icicleadori frigoInstant28460Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Stone Showeradori mas teraInstant28430Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Thunderstormadori mas visInstant28430Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1 sec
Firebomb(none)Rune27All1.2 sec
Soulfire(none)Rune27All1.6 sec
Fireball(none)Rune27All1.2 sec
Holy Missile(none)Rune27Paladin, Royal Paladin2 sec
Chameleon(none)Rune27All1 sec
Fireballadori flamInstant27460Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1 sec
Firebombadevo mas flamInstant27600Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Soulfireadevo res flamInstant27600Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Animate Deadadana mortInstant27600Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Chameleonadevo inaInstant27600Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Holy Missileadori sanInstant27350Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Igniteutori flamInstant2630Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer30 sec
Ultimate Lightutevo vis luxInstant26140Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Cancel Invisibilityexana inaInstant26200Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer1 sec
Poison Bomb(none)Rune25All1.5 sec
Heavy Magic Missile(none)Rune25All2 sec
Chargeutani tempo hurInstant25100Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Summon Creatureutevo resInstant25Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid3 sec
Explosive Arrowexevo con flamInstant251090Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Heavy Magic Missileadori visInstant25350Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer, Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Poison Bombadevo mas poxInstant25520Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Stalagmite(none)Rune24All2 sec
Ultimate Healing Rune(none)Rune24All1 sec
Conjure Sniper Arrowexevo con hurInstant24160Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Stalagmiteadori teraInstant24400Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer, Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Ultimate Healing Runeadura vitaInstant24400Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Ethereal Spearexori conInstant2325Paladin, Royal Paladin1.4 sec
Energy Beamexevo vis luxInstant2340Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Creature Illusionutevo res inaInstant23100Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid3 sec
Cure Electrificationexana visInstant2230Druid, Elder Druid0.5 sec
Desintegrate(none)Rune21All2 sec
Desintegrateadito teraInstant21200Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Ultimate Healingexura vitaInstant20160Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Challengeexeta resInstant2030Elite Knight, Knight1.5 sec
Strong Hasteutani gran hurInstant20100Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Energy Field(none)Rune18All2 sec
Fire Waveexevo flam hurInstant1825Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer2 sec
Ice Waveexevo frigo hurInstant1825Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Energy Fieldadevo grav visInstant18320Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Destroy Field(none)Rune17All0.8 sec
Conjure Boltexevo con mortInstant17140Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Destroy Fieldadito gravInstant17120Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Convince Creature(none)Rune16All2 sec
Brutal Strikeexori icoInstant1630Knight, Elite Knight0.5 sec
Physical Strikeexori moe icoInstant1620Druid, Elder Druid0.5 sec
Death Strikeexori mortInstant1620Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid2 sec
Poisoned Arrowexevo con poxInstant16130Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Convince Creatureadeta sioInstant16200Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Fire Field(none)Rune15All1.2 sec
Light Magic Missile(none)Rune15All2 sec
Antidote Rune(none)Rune15All1 sec
Intense Healing Rune(none)Rune15All1 sec
Whirlwind Throwexori hurInstant1540Knight, Elite Knight1 sec
Ice Strikeexori frigoInstant1520Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer, Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Light Magic Missileadori min visInstant15120Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Fire Fieldadevo grav flamInstant15240Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Antidote Runeadana poxInstant15200Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Intense Healing Runeadura granInstant15240Druid, Elder Druid1 sec
Poison Field(none)Rune14All1.5 sec
Magic Shieldutamo vitaInstant1450Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Hasteutani hurInstant1460All1 sec
Foodexevo panInstant14120Druid, Paladin, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Poison Fieldadevo grav poxInstant14200Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid1 sec
Terra Strikeexori teraInstant1320Sorcerer, Master Sorcerer, Druid, Elder Druid2 sec
Great Lightutevo gran luxInstant1360All1 sec
Conjure Arrowexevo conInstant13100Paladin, Royal Paladin1 sec
Flame Strikeexori flamInstant1220Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid2 sec
Energy Strikeexori visInstant1220Sorcerer, Druid, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid2 sec
Levitateexani hurInstant1250All1 sec
Intense Healingexura granInstant1170Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, Royal Paladin1 sec
Antidoteexana poxInstant1030All1 sec
Light HealingexuraInstant920All1 sec
Magic Ropeexani teraInstant920All1 sec
Lightutevo luxInstant820All1 sec
Find PersonexivaInstant820All1 sec