Latest deaths

DateNameAt levelKilled by
Royal Sezh (Paladin) 864a bloodmoon possum, a bloodmoon bat
Afkie (Paladin) 657a sacred longlegs, a sacred venomous widow
Bajexe (Paladin) 154a vicious squire, a ghoul, a hunter, a wisp
Star Royal (Paladin) 425a grim reaper
White Ice (Sorcerer) 32a dragon lord
Bajexe (Paladin) 140a phantasm, a blightwalker
Xpoaks (Knight) 25a orc shaman, a orc spearman, a snake, a snake
Przesilenie Letnie (Knight) 202a medusa
Saint (Paladin) 341Latrivan, golgordan, a dark torturer, a magicthrower, a nightmare, a flamethrower, a hellfire fighter, a destroyer, a fury
Blooze (Sorcerer) 766a bloodmoon vile longears, a bloodmoon howler, a bloodmoon enraged howler, a bloodmoon vicious bat
Royal Sezh (Paladin) 865a sacred longlegs
Bajexe (Paladin) 133a dragon lord
Yijyjiy (Knight) 150a nightmare, a nightmare scion
Yijyjiy (Knight) 142a nightmare, a nightmare scion
Anubis (Knight) 15a bug
Royal Sezh (Paladin) 857a sacred longlegs, a sacred venomous widow, Royal Sezh
Yijyjiy (Knight) 135a nightmare, a nightmare scion
Sezh Elite (Knight) 617an illusion of Orshabaal, Devovorga, a demon
Yijyjiy (Knight) 131a nightmare, a nightmare scion
Freud (Druid) 442an illusion of Orshabaal, Devovorga
Woodblood (Knight) 215an illusion of Orshabaal, Devovorga
Bajexe (Paladin) 85Star Royal
Przesilenie Letnie (Knight) 195a hand of cursed fate, a demon, a betrayed wraith, a spectre
Przesilenie Letnie (Knight) 196a medusa
Crowley (Druid) 500a stray spirit