Item Market

  • !market info, marketId - View stats and other information about the listed item.
  • !market sell, item, amount - Lists your item in the market for the items you want in return.
  • !market list - View recent market listings.
  • !market list, playerName - View another players market listings.
  • !market buy, marketId - Buys an item that is listed on the market.
  • !market cancel, marketId - Cancels your market listing and returns the item to your depot.
Selling an item for another item
!market sell, orb of enchantment, 3
Lists your item on the market in exchange for 3 orbs of enchantment
Selling an item for gold
!market sell, crystal coin, 50
Lists your item on the market in exchange for 50 crystal coins

ID Item Item Info Price Listing Info
1 a dark trinity mace 500 Listed:
Seller: Wetreyex
1 a solar axe 500 Listed:
Seller: Wetreyex
1 a gold coin 1 Listed:
Seller: Afkie