Information: If you are above level 150 and have participated in a guild war with more than 8 unique players you will gain an amount of premium points depending on the amount of frags the war has been set to.
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Logo Name Description View
Watch and Learn (none) View
Bodybuilding (none) View
Among Us (none) View
Maniaks (none) View
Sick Dreams Alooo? Team malooo? View
Hi Temple Yes We'll get you where you need to go. View
Tibia Easy View
First Class (none) View
Die Jungs (none) View
DA PELIGROSO (none) View
Charlovers (none) View
Renegades Active Guild,if you want to join you need to know how to talk english and be active player!Talk with Healing You or any vice-leader if you are interested View
Emperor (none) View
Team maloo (none) View
Cuz We Can (none) View
Haram (none) View
Extreem Hooligans Clan (none) View
Secret Family Reload (none) View
Pointezz (none) View
points guilds (none) View
henri henrison (none) View
Noobs (none) View
No Vaseline (none) View
No co tam (none) View
Nordic Battle Group (none) View
Guild Pouints (none) View
Nine Inch Nails (none) View
palrecol (none) View
refugee (none) View
GUILD PTSs (none) View
Chaldea (none) View
Points (none) View
Funny Vibes (none) View
Katastrofa Atomowa (none) View
Diablos (none) View
Ziomki z Polski (none) View
blaszkii (none) View
CBD (none) View
Pointsy (none) View
Pointss (none) View
Ses I Temple (none) View
ascarus (none) View
Secret Family (none) View
GO GO PKT (none) View
punkty (none) View
zamknij (none) View
Blachy CBD (none) View
Guilda Puntos (none) View
Brotherhood (none) View
Pointsz (none) View
Warmode (none) View
Jechac z nimi (none) View
Merhabalar Aq (none) View
Grubo Ponad Tona (none) View
Poinntzz (none) View
Sudden Death (none) View
Weneedpoints (none) View
Red Light District (none) View
Arabs (none) View
bitch (none) View
Hanekom (none) View
The Crimson Army (none) View
Zero Tolerance (none) View
Fine Fine (none) View
DarkSide (none) View
the fuck you (none) View
pointspoint (none) View
IMPERIAL (none) View
WhySoSerious (none) View
Sokery (none) View
GLADIATORS (none) View
Bombastik (none) View
Nobody Left Behind (none) View
Bla bla bla (none) View
No Mercy (none) View
Smurk (none) View
Ahha (none) View
points man (none) View
dedotsXD (none) View
Tehlike (none) View
Aspo (none) View
Aimbot (none) View
Plix no kil (none) View
Destination (none) View
kazdy ponad kazdym (none) View
Zattladoft (none) View
Pirates of the Caribbean (none) View
HaeusernCrime (none) View
Old pvp (none) View
Italia Bella (none) View
Respect (none) View
xdd (none) View
Stranger Things (none) View
Waddafak (none) View
Ornithology (none) View
one man army (none) View
Suave (none) View
Polish Power (none) View
Lamy (none) View
Ottoman Empire (none) View
The Last Resort Hello i want invite only activ players and must speak eng :) View
Ascar United (none) View
NOLIFE (none) View
Arena War (none) View
Floid (none) View
Konsey (none) View
yetistik (none) View
Sen Olsan Bari (none) View
Hunted (none) View
die (none) View
Randoms (none) View
Mort Kell (none) View