Information: If you are above level 150 and have participated in a guild war with more than 8 unique players you will gain an amount of premium points depending on the amount of frags the war has been set to.
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Peace Farmily (none) View
ORGAZM RELOAD GG - 21418967 View
WhySoSerious WE QUIT. View
Gonnhirrim (none) View
Maquis (none) View
Pkt (none) View
pkty (none) View
Charlovers (none) View
Moneymakers (none) View
Ogarki (none) View
Shoutdown (none) View
pekapeka (none) View
Brasilian Prostitute (none) View
GuiPoints (none) View
Ultimatum (none) View
blaszki (none) View
Magics (none) View
Beach Boys (none) View
Pointsy (none) View
FCSB (none) View
moordale (none) View
Zienab and toxoKangal (none) View
Maniaks (none) View
Points gg (none) View
The Crimson Army (none) View
Day Ones (none) View
For Fun (none) View
Ali G in Da Houz (none) View
Morthas (none) View
Deto (none) View
asdasdasdasd (none) View
Janitor (none) View
zamknij (none) View
Weed Squad (none) View
Wise Men (none) View
Friends Cave (none) View
Noneplay (none) View
Mex Points (none) View
Coup de Grace (none) View
Latin Grammys (none) View
Fun war (none) View
Slave Araps (none) View
Pierdolniem w sline Zapraszam wszystkich do wspólnej zabawy, szukam osób do robiebia questów oraz pkowania!:) View
Warriors (none) View
Bastardos (none) View
fun (none) View
Maniaks Back (none) View
Destination we quit View
allebre (none) View
Hits In The Dark (none) View
Hated team (none) View
PUNKTYYY (none) View
Tibia Easy (none) View
Point Guild (none) View
Hi Hi (none) View
ADHD (none) View
Say My Name (none) View
Boshny Team (none) View
You Jock Me (none) View
Zakon Zoltej Mordy 2137 JP2 GMD View
Just Warring (none) View
Just For Fun (none) View
new brain (none) View
yoshnby (none) View
raz dwa try (none) View
reload (none) View
OnlyForPkt (none) View
Vikings (none) View
Alexis Rules (none) View
Trollaran (none) View
Sagtsa (none) View
Tihi Fakkas (none) View
sfffaa (none) View
AK FOURSEVEN (none) View