Server info

Magic rate x8
Skills rate x14
Loot rate x2
Loot rate for GameGuard users x3
Protection level 80
Level to buy house 200
Idle kick time 900 minute(s)

Player without bots - If you decide to play on Ascarus without using any kind of bot such as ElfBot you will receive some benefits.
To receive the benefits you must download our game client and login using GameGuard.
By using GameGuard you will receive a 100-50% exp bonus, attend certain events, bonus loot rate along with ability to walk with WASD.

PZ lock time 45 second(s)
White skull time 5 minute(s)
Red skull time 1 day(s)
Black skull time 2 day(s)
Frags to red skull Daily: 25 | Weekly: 70 | Monthly: 200
Frags to black skull Daily: 50 | Weekly: 140 | Monthly: 400
Offline messages
Level required to use offline messages 180
Maximum number of messages to one player 10
Number of total messages you can send 75
Command Description
!addon Allows you to get the addons of an outfit when having an addon doll.
!promote Promotes your character when level 20 or higher.
!sellhouse Allows you to sell your house to other players. For example, !sellhouse player name.
!leavehouse Makes you empty your house and leave it ownerless.
!online Shows how many players are online, and which players.
!serverinfo Provides you with basic information of the server.
!spells Shows you all the spells for your vocation.
!market Makes you able to perform several actions concerning the item market system. For more information, check the item market page.
!uptime Shows you how long the server has been running.
!war Allows you to perform several actions concerning wars. For more information, check the FAQ page.
!go Allows guild leaders to change their guild members outfits into their own.
!bc Allows guild leaders and vice-leaders to send a message to their entire guild.
!answer Allows you to answer the anti AFK system math questions. For example, !answer 4.
!bp Provides you with a backpack.
!changesex Allows you to change the gender of your character. Costs 1 VIP day.
!frags Shows you the amount of frags you have got.
!buyhouse Makes you the owner of an empty house, when standing in front of it when faced towards the door.
!deathlist Shows the latest deaths of a player. For example, !deathlist player name.
!commands Provides you with a list of commands you can execute.
!info Shows you character level, mana & hp.
!mapmarks Creates marks on your minimap.
!timers Turn magic wall timers on or off.
!task Show information about currently active tasks.
!events Show information about server events.
!po Set everyone in your party to the same outfit as yourself.
!battlecry Shows a notification to other guilds that you are looking for a fight.
!gb Enter an active Guild Battle.