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Frequently asked questions

Blessings can be bought by using the !bless command or from temple NPC's, the prices vary depending on your Level.
You can use the referral system to invite your friends to play Ascarus (using the link you get in your account managment page) and you will earn points!

  • Every time 5 of your friends join (using the referral link), you get 5 premium points
  • When they reach level 300, you get 10 premium points
  • When you reach 10 referrals, you get 15 premium points
  • When you reach 30 referals you will get a code for an outfit to unlock it permanently
  • If one of your friends (which registered using the referral link) decides to donate, you get 20% bonus points from their first donation!
    • Example: if your friend donates for 1000 points, they will get 1000 points and you will get 200 points!
You can buy an amulet of loss using the !aol command. It will cost 10000 gold.
You can refill your soft boots using the !soft command. It will cost 10000 gold.
You will suffer a lower death penalty and you will have faster mana and health regeneration.
Yes, you will receive free premium points at different levels.
  • At level 100 you receive 25 points
  • At level 150 you receive 50 points
  • At level 200 you receive 75 points
  • At level 250 you receive 100 points
  • At level 300 you receive 200 points
  • At level 350 you receive 300 points
  • At level 400 you receive 400 points
  • At level 450 you receive 500 points
Yes, we regularly host giveaways on our Facebook page and on our Discord server. You do also receive premium points for eaching specicifc level milestones, as well as for the top rank rewards each week.
You need to be at least level 200 in order to buy a house.
You can own 1 house per account.
You can get game tokens from the Casino, Pacman, Last Man Standing, Safe Zone event, some bosses and buying from either Ascarus shop, doing tasks from TGYoshi or from players.
Go to the guilds page and click on the Create a new guild button on the top right. Alternatively you can go to this link.
Use the war invitation command like so: !war invite, <guildname>, <frags>
The frag amount can range from 1 to 1000.
Use the war acceptation command like so: !war accept, <guildname>
Use the war rejection command like so: !war reject, <guildname>
Use the war cancellation command like so: !war cancel, <guildname>
Use the war ending command like so: !war end, <guildname>
It shows your PvP Kills/Deaths/Assists from the last 30 days.
The limit is 16 characters per account.
Yes, you can delete character by following these steps:
  1. Go to your account management panel
  2. Press the icon next to the character you wish to delete.
Warning: It will cost you 50 points to undelete your character.
Yes, you can find a name changing offer in the gift shop.
Inactive characters below level 250 can have their name taken over after 1 month.
Characters above level 250 can have their name taken over after 6 months.
It is suggested, as a forever AOL does not reduce skill loss on death, whereas blessings do.
Yes, it is allowed. However, there are rules in place for certain things.
A redeemable key will reward you with free gifts, such as premium points or special outfits.
You can enter keys at the redeem key hub.
If you don't login for 15 days it is considered inactivity and you start losing 1 level every 3 days if you are level 400 or above.
Yes, there is a "Clear deathlist" button on your account management page. It costs 60 premium points.
You can use them to play Pacman, Slot Machines, enter certain quests, get access to Super Spawns or VIP Underground and you can exchange them for premium points at NPC Premium Exchanger.
A house will be emptied if the house owner has been inactive for more than 16 days or can't pay the rent cost.
The top 3 guilds will also receive monthly guild war rewards. Monthly top guild can be found on our top guilds page.
You can get unrealized dreams by completing tasks for NPC Eruaran.
You can get prison keys by opening unrealized dreams near the dreamcatcher device, which is located two floors up on the central mountain in Upper Roshamuul.
You can get unrealized dreams by completing tasks for NPC Eruaran.
Yes, use the !mapmarks command.
Through the options menu in the client, you can find it by pressing OptionsHotkey MapperEnable Keyboard Mapping
No, the point of the GameGuard client is to provide a benefit to manual players, so they are at less of a disadvantage compared to players who use bots.
Yes, you get an experience bonus, please see the server info page for details on the experience rate. Furthermore, your loot rate is increased to 3x, you will automatically loot gold to your bank, you have higher chance to win the hourly lottery and walking with the WASD keys will also be possible.