Read carefully!

Doing the following will result in a notation/jail/banishment/deletion as a punishment:

  • Illegal advertising - Advertising about other servers, advertising item trade with other servers or real money, advertising character or account trade or advertising personal information without the concerned player’s permission.
    Punishment: IP block.

  • Casino Bots - Using a bot to run a casino game.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Powerleveling - Repeatedly killing another character in order to gain experience points.
    Punishment: Banishment of all involved accounts and the gained experience will be removed.

  • Spamming - Repeating identical words or sentences in a public chat very fast in order to spam or annoy people.
    Punishment: Global mute.

  • Distribution of illegal software - Distribution of shady and illegal software other than elfbot from the main website.
    Punishment: Banishment.

  • Bug abusing - Abusing a bug in instead of reporting it to a staff member.
    Punishment: Jail / Banishment.

  • Events - Going AFK or using MC in events.
    Punishment: Jail/Penalty.

  • Game weakness abuse - Abusing a weakness in the game, e.g duplicating items, using scripts to bot events.
    Punishment: Jail / Banishment situational.

  • Multi-Clienting - Using more than one client in order to gain profit in events or to kill people/heal your characters etc.
    Punishment: Banishment in PvP, Jail in events.

  • Hacking - Trying to steal and use other players accounts.
    Punishment: IP Block + Deletion.

  • Destructive Behaviour - Behaviour that causes damage to the server.
    Punishment: Jail + Notation.

  • Trapping - Blocking spawns so you can hunt there or blocking players way (can include anti-pushing, but if you are luring bosses they may block you).
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Trashing - Trashing is done by using a bot or constantly spamming coins/items to save your spot for example in Snake, boss room or trash someone's items.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Offensive Name - Having a racist or in any other way insulting name.
    Punishment: Forced name change.

  • False Report to Staff - Reporting someone or something illegitimately in order for you to gain profit, for example falsifying a screenshot so as to get your enemy banned.
    Punishment: Same as what you are "reporting" would get.

  • Off-topic in Channels - Writing things that shouldn't be in that channel.
    Punishment: Mute or jail. (Read the channel rules)

  • Interrupting a war with low level char - Using a low level character to spread annoyance in war such as mwalling, healing your teammates forcing a guild make someone gain frags.
    Punishment: Jail & Notation or Banishment in severe cases.

  • Frag Abuse with noob chars - Using noob chars in a war to gain frags for your guild to become the one with most frags.
    Punishment: Banishment.

  • Jail Time - If you are jailed do not spam help channel, simply contact support. Don't forget to read the signs in the jail. If you spam the person who jailed you whilst you’ve gotten an answer already, you will get muted.
    Punishment: Global mute.

  • Training magic level AFK in public areas - Training your magic level by spamming potions and/or spells. This is only allowed at the potion NPCs in the designated training monk areas.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Training magic level with other characters - It is forbidden to use other characters to use potions on a specific character for the purpose of magic level training.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Blocking houses - Trapping entrance(s) with MCs to buy a house that's soon going to be free.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Blocking boss room - Intentionally blocking/holding new bosses from spawning on purpose.
    Punishment: Block from boss room / Jail.

  • Illegal Scripts: - E.g trashing, anti-pushing or excessive spamming scripts.
    Punishment: Jail.

  • Channels

  • Default:
  • - You are allowed to say anything*

  • Help Channel:
  • - You are allowed to chat. However, when someone needs help, the person is to be helped. This means that spamming is not allowed;
    - You are not allowed to post your offers, PvP targets, advertising, guild member recruitment or anything alike.
    Punishment: Help-mute.
    You can only ask for help about the game (information concerning a quest, how to get an outfit, etc.);
    - Swearing, insulting, arguing, using caps lock excessively, being rude, etc. Isn't allowed in the help channel and may lead to a notation.
    - Please speak English in help-chat. If you're in need to speak to a staff member in your native language, please contact them in private.
    [Preventing staff members from doing their job (trolling them, griefing, or anything alike) is not allowed]

  • Advertisement Channel:
  • -This chat is designated to trade offers, PvP targets etc.
  • Team Search Channel:
  • -This chat is designated to Quest team gathering, PvP/Guild recruitment etc.

    *Except for illegal advertisement, spam, threats/insults towards staff or anything else breaking the rules.

    -Statements cannot be racist, in any other way discriminating or generally very offensive
    -Spam is either repeatedly saying the same thing, constantly uttering nonsensical messages or
    Keep in mind that receiving 4 notations will lead to a banishment - Violations such as getting muted in a channel causes you to get a notation.

    Interesting Notes

  • Gambling is on your own risk. Staff will not help you if you get scammed, so be careful about who you're playing dice with.
    • However, running Casino bots is not allowed. You may only gamble with other players manually. Casino bots will be put into jail.

  • We have the rights to modify any of these rules at any given time.

  • We have the rights to customize these rules according to specific cases or scenarios and enforce them accordingly.

  • Please keep in mind we may use the information we collect from you when you register.
    Enjoy your stay on Ascarus Online.

    Best regards,

    Ascarus Staff