1. Illegal Advertising

a) It is prohibited to advertise any other server, by posting links, calling players to move to other servers or anything that looks like a commercial to other games/servers.
Punishment: IP ban + permanent account ban

b) It is illegal to trade your character, items or in-game currency for real money or items on other servers.
Punishment: 3 day account ban

2. Multi Clienting

a) Using more than one client in order to gain profit in specific events or to kill people/heal your characters etc.
Punishment: 1 day ban for all involved characters

b) It is forbidden to block respawns, by blocking the entrance with one character, and hunting on the blocked spawn with the other character.
Punishment: 1 day ban for all involved characters

3. Bug Abuse

a) It is forbidden to use any server bugs, to gain advantage over other players or influence the server state. Bugs should be reported immediately upon finding.
Punishment: 3 day account ban or more depending on abuse level

4. Training Magic Level In Public

a) Training your magic level by spamming potions and/or spells. This is only allowed at the potion NPCs in the designated training monk areas.
Punishment: 1 hour jail time

b) It is forbidden to use other characters to use potions on a specific character for the purpose of magic level training.
Punishment: 6 hours jail time for all involved characters

5. Disturbing Boss Room

a) Intentionally blocking/holding new bosses from spawning on purpose.
Punishment: Banishment from boss rooms for the involved characters, the ban lengths automatically increase from 1 - 24 hours, depending on how many banishments a character has had in the past

6. Hacking

a) Logging into accounts of other players and performing actions not authorized by them
Punishment: IP banishment + permanent account ban

7. Casinos

a) Using a bot to run a casino game is not allowed.
Punishment: 1 hour jail

8. Chat Rules

a) Help channel is an international channel, so we would appreciate it if it was kept in English Language.
Punishment: 5 minutes - 1 hour help mute

b) Trade offers or team search are not allowed in the help channel, use the appropriate channels for such matters.
Punishment: 5 minutes - 1 hour help mute

Frequently breaking any rule above may result in deletion of all associated accounts of person that broke the rules.

Interesting Notes

Best regards,
Ascarus Staff