Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Fixed an issue when using custom outfit changers while riding in mine carts, which resulted in client debugs
  • Reduced the required amount of mine cart rides in order to unlock the "Driver" achievement
  • Added a VIP exclusive dragon lord spawn & moved the old teleporter to the shortcut hub in the south building
  • Added a VIP exclusive demon spawn & moved the old teleporter to the shortcut hub in the south building
  • Improved the NPC variety in Pyre
  • Added minimap downloads to the downloads page
  • NPC Rashid will now buy war horns for 8000 gold
  • Corrected an incorrect magic effect when using war horns
  • Added bonus slots to dwarven armor
  • Rewrote the Addon Maker NPC
  • Changed golden helmet's physical resistance from 2% to 4%
  • Corrected the item name of the windweaver weapon
  • Updated the mine cart scripts and added a missing monster check for a specific quest area
  • Bazir's throne room in the Pits of Inferno quest now works as intended
  • Fixed a bug that teleported you to Thais on your first login, even if you selected a different starting town
  • Fixed an error when asking NPC Cael for a trade
  • Added NPC Faro as combined loot trader for VIP players, he is located on the top floor of the VIP shops and he will buy everything that Alesar, Esrik, Haroun, Nah'Bob, Rashid, Soya & Yaman also buy
  • Players may now use wild growth runes while fighting Aryenai in the Arcanes Hat quest
  • Brewster will no longer apply addons to the citizen outfit after getting divorced if a player can't wear the addons
  • Corrected the loot of Hellhounds according to the Wiki
  • Corrected the loot of Draken Elites according to the Wiki
  • Removed the attack debuff from the Swift Foot spell (utamo tempo san)
  • Corrected a wrong voice line of Illusion of Ghazbaran
  • Updated the loot crate event and added additional towns where the crates can drop in
  • Fixed raids being able to spawn on tiles where there was no ground tile
  • Fixed the code responsible for floor transfer via height objects (for example stacking 3 parcels), which could prevent you from going up stairs or even cause client debugs in some cases