Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Fixed the time display when trying to enter a guild castle spawn while having a cooldown
  • Fixed the available bonuses for the soulstealer & windweaver weapons
  • Fixed Shock Heads not being counted towards Eruaran's task
  • Fixed the item requirements of the wizard & jester outfits
  • Mystery gifts that are won through the lottery will now be delivered to the depot of your resident town if they can't be carried
  • Emerald bangles can no longer be equipped in the ring slot
  • NPC Faro couldn't keep track of all the items he was supposed to buy, so we additionally hired his sister Faronetta to help him out, she specializes in weapons
  • Updated messages of the help channel bot
  • Bosses in the Game of Thrones area will now respawn on a fixed timer again instead of spawning at random intervals
  • Fixed the corpse of Mummies, it can now be properly opened by bots
  • Fixed the corpse of Serpent Spawns, it can now be properly opened by bots
  • Fixed the corpse of Lizard Legionnaires, it can now be properly opened by bots
  • Fixed the decay time of Plaguesmith & Frost Dragon corpses
  • Players will now be granted free blessings when dying in a war arena that has exp loss disabled
  • Updated the kickback positions for the guild event teleporter, you will now be kicked back to the temple of Thais instead of your resident town's temple
  • Added a new Discord bot that relays server activity messages like events & raids to designated Discord channels
  • Fixed the amount of time the Capture The Flag & Zombie event teleporters stay open
  • Unified all of the event message texts
  • Players will now be properly kicked from castle spawns on login if they aren't allowed to hunt in the spawn
  • Dwarf Menders will now sense invisibility
  • Improved the loot rate of iron ores in Forsaken Dwarves (Dwarf Mender, Dwarf Knight, Dwarf Slave)
  • Increased the chance for ice sculpting to succeed
  • Fixed a typo in the reply message when asking the Addon Maker NPC about warmaster addons
  • Corrected the loot of Efreets & Marids
  • Raids will now despawn after being alive for 24 hours by default, a select few raids have shorter despawn timers
  • The loot crate event will now only drop 1 crate per town
  • Fixed the weekly awards on the website
  • Fixed character auctions on the website