Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Updated the dialogue texts of NPC Faronetta
  • Fixed the Safe Zone achievement not being awarded upon winning the event
  • Fix corpse ID's of Wailing Widow & Sacred Venomous Widows
  • Replace the Prisoner achievement (awarded for getting jailed) with the Unboxer achievement (awarded for finding a loot crate)
  • Fix spawn positions of some monsters in the VIP Hellfire Fighter spawn
  • Reduce the level required in order to enter The Mad King's chamber from 320 to 300
  • Updated the Discord invite link in the useful tip broadcasts
  • Added an achievement for being the trap activator in the DeathRun event
  • Added the summer dress as reward choice in the Defender quest
    • (Arm:17, distance fighting +3, protection physical +5%, fire +2%, life drain +5%, holy +5%, death +5%, speed +10). It can only be wielded properly by epic royal paladins of level 300 or higher. Bonus slots left: 2. It weighs 10.00 oz.
  • Reduce the required amount of Shock Head kills for Eruaran's task
  • Reduce the cost of the epic promotion from 100 gold nuggets to 30 gold nuggets
  • Replaced Massacre in the Ultimate Annihilator with a Juggernaut
  • Buff spells like utito tempo can now stack with boosts from the Booster NPC
  • Adjust the weight of the ascended teleport item to 10 oz
  • Moved the Voidling raid from Vengoth to Stonehome near Edron
  • Disabled the requirement of GameGuard in order to play the Frodo push duel game
  • Increase the minimum amount of required players for the Deathmatch event from 2 to 6
  • Fix Spirit Of Gyatso not properly spawning in the Ascension quest
  • Added a few missing items to the server
  • Added crystal mace to Rashid's buy offers
  • Added lightning legs to the loot of Energized Wyrms
  • Added possibility to prevent certain raids from despawning
  • The Gaz'haragoth raid will no longer despawn
  • Fixed the Capture The Flag event incorrectly broadcasting after 10 minutes that the event ended in a tie if it failed to start