Facebook ContestEventsWritten by Erza,

10000 premium points giveaway!

We are currently hosting a Facebook contest where we will give away a total of 10000 premium points!
There will be a total of 20 winners, each winner will receive 500 premium points! It will end on 10th April 2020 17:00 CEST.

Head over to our post for instructions on how to participate!
We also invite you to join our Discord server, where you can interact with staff & other players.

The winners have been picked! Here are the names: Kharsek, Fat Boy, Creolin, Demonic, Ramiz Eski, Elite Kniight, Van Der Linde, Zuzum, Sultan Bakkali, Dark Elite, Berlin, Jercoh, Komsumun Dalyaragi, Firicel, Slon Ther, Ibby, Kettama, Sculptor, Sanje, Rio
Your points keys have been sent to you on Facebook and they can be redeemed at the redeem page.