Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.

Note: Had to make another small correction regarding the Barbarian Arena Quest in Svargrond, it will be fixed with tonight's reboot

  • Fixed not being able to open the corpse of reward chest bosses
  • Rewrote the Barbarian Arena Quest in Svargrond
  • Added 3 new achievements, one for each difficulty of the Barbarian Arena quest
  • Fixed the "Generosity of the Emperor" achievement not being granted upon opening the quest chests in the Wrath of the Emperor quest
  • Using a fire bug on an unlit coal basin will now transform it into a lit coal basin
  • The progress of the Void Base is now displayed upon entering the area
  • You will no longer see a yellow skull on your own character when taking damage from yourself
  • Disabled the Anti-AFK purge list page on the website
  • Increased the frag limits according to the decision of this poll
    • Frags to red skull: Daily: 25 | Weekly: 85 | Monthly: 265
    • Frags to black skull: Daily: 50 | Weekly: 170 | Monthly: 530
  • Knight's damage against reward chest bosses will now count for 25% more damage to make up for the disadvantage they have due to blocking the boss
  • The last stage for donation refunds has been lowered to level 250 from level 300
    • If you were between level 250 and 300 you simply need to level up 1 more time in order to unlock the refund
  • Fixed a PZ bug near NPC Ashtamor in Venore
  • Increased the respawn timer of Demons in the top floor of the Ferumbras tower to 5 minutes
  • Added a Polish Chat channel for our Polish players
  • Fixed stamina not regenerating while being offline
  • Green stamina will now regenerate by 1 minute each 5 minutes instead of each 10 minutes
  • Update shop list of NPC Luna
  • Improved the rewards that are granted for reaching specific levels - If you have previously reached any of these levels, premium points have been granted to your acccount
    • Level 50: 50000 gold
    • Level 80: 100000 gold
    • Level 150: 250000 gold & 25 premium points
    • Level 200: 500000 gold & 50 premium points
    • Level 250: 750000 gold & 75 premium points
    • Level 300: 1000000 gold & 100 premium points
    • Level 350: 1000000 gold & 200 premium points
    • Level 400: 1000000 gold & 300 premium points
    • Level 450: 1000000 gold & 400 premium points
    • Level 500: 1000000 gold & 500 premium points