Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a yellow skull to display on your own character when taking damage from yourself after attacking another player
  • Updated the messages of the help channel bot
  • Fixed 2 map bugs in the Warlock/Infernalist super spawn
  • Announcements when skulled monsters are being killed are now sent to the Broadcasts channel only, instead of appearing in the center of your screen
  • Revamped the VIP Lizard spawn
  • NPC Rachel will now buy talons for 320 gold
  • Added instructions on how to install the minimap downloads to the downloads page

Furthermore, as compensation for a crash that has occured earlier, a double experience boost has been applied for 30 minutes, as well as 1 extra VIP day has been added to all accounts.
As our server saves every 15 minutes, you can at most lose 15 minutes of progress. The cause of the crash will be investigated soon.