Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Updated the messages of the help channel bot
  • Removed an incorrect statement about 1% item loss from the blessing message
  • Added protection zones to the end of the starlight amulet quest
  • Fixed the cooldown of the exori min spell
  • Fixed a bug in the VIP Lizard spawn that could cause players to become stuck if they didn't have a shovel
  • Corrected the names of a few items
  • Fixed a bug that caused items from your equipment to be sold to NPC's, even when having the "Ignore equipped" option active
  • Attempted to fix a bug that could cause the server to hang up
  • NPC's Haroun, Yaman, Rashid & Faro will now buy a variety of amulets
  • The buff conditions of skills falcons and the Booster NPC will now be removed upon entering a war arena that has template stats enabled
  • It is no longer possible to use skills falcons while being inside a war arena
  • Players will now receive an equal promotion level for their vocation upon entering a war arena that has template stats enabled
  • Players are now able to use their regular weapons while being in a war arena that has template stats enabled, if the template level is lower than the level requirement of the weapon
  • The real level of a player will now always be displayed when they speak, instead of the template level if one is active
  • Fixed a bug that caused players not to die correctly in the war arena if template stats were enabled, which could result in incorrect player counts being detected in an arena
  • The template level will now be displayed along the real level when looking at a player that has template stats applied to them
  • The premium point cost for clearing your deathlist will now be highlighted on the website
  • Added an additional rule about training magic level with multiple characters to the rules page