Pinned Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Desintegrate runes will now properly desintegrate all items on a tile, with an upper limit of 500 items per tile
  • Legion helmets are now easier to loot in Rotworms & Rotworm queens
  • Cuckoo clocks are now properly buyable from NPC Shiantis
  • Corrected the corpse of Koshei the Deathless
  • Corrected the names of a items
  • Corrected the response message of the help channel bot when being asked about blessings
  • Revamped the VIP depot, quest and hunts hub and entrance area
  • Updated the items of Assassin Hood and Rose Armor, additionally they are now properly upgradeable as well
  • Fixed a quest lever in the Legionnaire quest, additionally it will no longer require 5 players to activate the lever and proceed in the quest
  • Removed a deceiving shortcut route in the Legionnaire quest
  • Rashid & Faronetta will now buy Royal Axes for 40000 gold coins
  • The level & vocation initials are now displayed in your character list
  • Corrected the shop offers & dialogue messages of NPC Robert
  • Changed the required amount of kills for the Asura tasks from TGYoshi
  • Infiltrator's retargeting boss mechanic has been replaced with a healing boss mechanic
  • Updated Deeper Banuta & added the Tiquanda laboratory
  • Updated the stats of Rose Armor
    • Armor: 7 → 11
    • Death protection: 4 → 6
    • Speed: 0 → 10
  • Updated the stats of Bow of the Galadhrim
    • Attack: 50 → 45
  • Updated the stats of Shuriken
    • Attack: 78 → 71
  • Descriptive maps of our custom towns have been added to the website, you can find them at
  • Made preparations for the return of the GameGuard client for manual players
  • Removed a misplaced PZ area at a dragon lord spawn in Pyre