Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below. This patch will also serve as a public pre-season testing phase for various big changes to the server and new systems.


  • Introduced a new item market system, you can find all active listings on the Item Market page
  • Removed the old item auction system in favor of the new item market system
  • Replaced the old item upgraders with orbs of enchantment in mystery gifts
  • Made the Discord activity bot post new market offers to our Discord server
  • Corrected the distance threshold until the "very far" message appears in the "Find Person" (exiva) spell
  • Added the Edron Vampire Crypt
  • Updated the chances for the specific magic item tiers, as well as the chance for an item to get a suffix attribute
  • Corrected the item description text when looking at an item that was enchanted by a player
  • Optimized creature lookup speeds in the engine
  • Fixed a crash that was introduced in the previous update
  • Corrected the minimum name length for a namelocked character from 4 to 3 characters
  • Corrected the item description text when looking at an item that has an armor enchantment
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player idle time to be reset after every auto attack, which resulted in x-logged characters to never be kicked from the training monks