PvP TournamentEventsWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
We would like to announce an upcoming PvP Tournament for this weekend!

How it will work
There will be fights between each team, brackets will use a double elimination system.
The maximum team size is 6 players and each team can name up to 3 substitutes.
The winning teams will fight against each other, until there is only one team remaining.

When the event be held
The first round will start on Friday, 29th October 2021, 20:00 CET

How you can join
Send a letter to Erza's depot in Thais until Friday 29th October 12:00 CET
You can also name an additional 3 players for substitutions.
Tournament brackets will be posted after the sign up closed.

Example letter

Player 1: Name1
Player 2: Name2
Player 3: Name3
Player 4: Name4
Player 5: Name5
Player 6: Name6

Substitutes (if any):
Sub 1: Name7
Sub 2: Name8
Sub 3: Name9

  • Each team needs at least 2 leaders. Applying people that are not part of your team may lead to disqualification
  • Your team needs to be in the same guild as you and have minimum 2 leaders
  • Every participant has to be at least level 80 (PvP level)
  • Participants cannot be in more than one team

  • A round will end by either team reaching 15 frags first or by having more frags at the time limit of 20 minutes
  • Battles will be fought with the following war arena features enabled
    • Might rings and SSA's will be disabled throughout the tournament
    • All players will be set to level 250 upon entering the arena
    • All players will receive temporary equipment to use during the battles
    • EXP loss will be disabled
  • 10 minutes to gather your team members once you are summoned by the tournament hosts
Depending on how many teams apply, there will be a grand total shared prizepool of 20,000 premium points for the top teams