First Weeks Guild EventEventsWritten by Erza,

Since Ascarus traditionally launches on Fridays and Guild Events happen on Saturdays, as always, we will be reducing the rewards in these first 2 weeks, in order to not create big gaps between competing guilds early on, and enjoy fun battles on lower levels.

The reward table for the first week will be the following:

  1. Guild Trophy, Mystery Gift, 3 Gold Nuggets, 2x Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 100 Game Tokens
  2. Mystery Gift, 2 Gold Nuggets, Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 80 Game Tokens
  3. Mystery Gift, 1 Gold Nugget, Stamina Refiller, 70 Game Tokens
  4. Pair of Soft Boots, 50 Crystal Coins, 60 Game Tokens
  5. Pair of Soft Boots, 30 Crystal Coins, 50 Game Tokens

The reward table for week 2 will be posted next week.
Notice: After observing this week's guild event, we decided to furthermore reduce the health of the guild event creature by a substantial amount for the next event.
This is due to the spell formula and exhaust changes that came with this season.