Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
The server has been rebooted this morning at 10:07 and a patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Reduced the level requirement for Wrath of the Seven quest from level 500 to level 400
  • Updated help channel bot responses
  • Fixed players being unable to open the quest reward chests at the Orceus Treasure quest in specific circumstances
  • Rework condition ticks & damages - Damage conditions from monsters should no longer last for unreasonably long amounts of time
  • Updated the loot of Morgaroth & Orshabaal, they both now drop additional rare items to make them more attractive for players to kill
  • Fixed quest log entries for the Mean Green quest
  • Added a staff event room that can be opened up by community managers to hold monster spawning events in
    • Pushing players inside the room is disabled
    • The room is a non-pvp zone
    • Monster corpses cannot be trashed inside the room
    • A maximum of 1 player per IP address can enter the room in order to prevent excessive usage of multi clients
    • Runes like magic walls and wild growths are disabled inside the room
  • Fixed Rumpelstiltskin unintentionally summoning a Verminor
  • Fixed Overpowered Ferumbras unintentionally summoning a Bazir
  • Replaced Infiltrator tasks with Ryhdon
  • Replaced Xelgron tasks with Ursaring
  • Improve cure burning & cure bleeding spells
  • Added a reward chest in Thais temple, you can access your boss loot there without needing to travel to Adventurer's Island
  • Reduce item requirement for Dracula boss from 500 vampire teeth to 50 vampire teeth
  • Made additional items enchantable, you can find a complete list of echantable items on the enchantables page
  • Prevent paralyzes runes or paralyze spells from applying skulls to players in specific scenarios, such as in the boss rooms
  • Fix PIN system bans having a wrong expiration date for bans
  • Reduce gold requirement for the First Lion of War addon
  • Reduce gold requirement for the First Veteran Paladin addon
  • Optimized raids checking for alive monsters
  • Replaced Yalahar with Thais in Party Animal raid
  • Added the Panpipe quest
  • Slightly increased the chance for legendary tier enchantments
  • Fixed a typo in the !bless command
  • Fixed a bug that made containers from quest chests not have their proper weight
  • Killing characters with the same IP address does no longer yield PvP experience points
  • Killing characters from the same account does no longer yield PvP experience points
  • Only award unjustified frags to last hit & most damage killers
  • Fixed a bug that caused equipment stats to stack in war arenas that use temporary equipment
  • Added the 25 second dps tester to the DPS highscores
  • Made staff command logs available to other staff members
  • Include missing bosses on the monsters page
  • Automatically update item, magic item, monster, quest, spell, outfit, experience stage data for the website
  • Fixed an error in the dialogue of NPC Dream Master
  • Added trainer, event room & VIP portals to the depot in Roshamuul

Furthermore we'd like to remind you of our upcoming PvP tournament on Friday. Sign up while you still can!