Pinned Season Six AnnouncementGeneralWritten by Rohan,

Dear Masiyans,

We would like to announce and give you a warm welcome to season 6.

Masiyah is a 8.6 complete Real Map server with many additional custom towns, monsters & loads of content!
Whether you love to war, RPG or discover new things - Masiyah is the OTS for you.
Join us today, experience and enjoy several tricky and long custom quests along with epic PvP and massive wars!
Scroll to the bottom to see the major changes.

Basic Info:

Protection level: 120
Skill Rate: 20
Magic Level Rate: 10
Loot Rate: 2.x
Client: 8.6

PZ lock time: 60 seconds
White skull time: 3 minutes
Red skull time: 1 day
Black skull time: 2 days
Frags to red skull - Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skull - Daily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320


- Real Map 8.6 + several custom towns
- Daily World Quests
- A lot of new quests, spawns & monsters to explore in unknown towns
- Public poll system - Anyone can startup a poll for mere 20 points and you even get points for voting!
- Custom AI bosses - challenging bosses with unique AI, attacks, and loot sharing mechanisms
- Masiyah Wikia
- Loads of ways to earn Free Points
- Beginner & Veteran guide
- A lot of unique events
- Bounty hunter
- Offline auctions
- Random essence collect
- Monster Skull Bonuses
- Monster Level System
- Loot crate event
- Offline messaging system
- Active staff members
- Addon bonuses
- Daily tasks
- Partnered Twitch streamers, you can also become a streamer!
- Anti-AFK system on level 400+
- Loads of Achievements with benefits
- PIN security system
- You get points on every character 20 pts at level 250, 50 pts at 350, 100 pts at 450, and 200 pts at 500 as well.
- Referral system
- Custom built replica of real towns war arena
- Fully working quest log for each quest
- Reworked rookgaard and hell rookgaard
- Adventurous quests
- Over 30 custom adventurous RPG quests and all real quests
- All useful real raids + 20 custom raids
- 10.x real respawn system
- Well balanced professions


- Weekly guild event
- Zombie event
- Fire/Storm event
- Snowball event
- Death run event
- Trap hole event
- Deathmatch event
- Event creature
- Capture the flag (CTF)
- Last man standing (LMS)
- Boss room event
- Loot crate event
- Trivia

For more information on the events, please visit:


24/7 available: Frodo ("Trap" betting game), Trap holes, Snake, Pacman, Bomberman, Football, Chess, Casino

List of some changes from season 5:

- 1 new world quest
- 4 new bosses
- 3 new raidbosses
- 4 new minibosses
- Added 4 new spells: Exura gran sio, Utito Div Vita, Exeta mas res, Utani San hur
- 8 new items have been introduced including a new weapon for every vocation
- Updated many bosses with custom mechanisms
- Changes to certain items
- Updated the forum and every 2 weeks rewards for activity are availible at:
- No exp stage changes (unless special double XP days)
- 3 reworked quests
- 2 new quests to be announced
- Monster Level System (Higher Level = More HP, Higher Damage, increased Experience, Speed & Healing)
- Monster Skull Bonuses (Monster can Spawn with a Skull and yield certain Bonuses upon Kill)
- Addon Bonus System completely reworked (No Requirement to wear a certain outfit to receive a certain bonus)
- Discord Support (Staff members will be able to receive and answer messages in Help-Channel via Discord)
- Elapsed time of advances
- Added a DPS testing area, accessible through the events room, as well as a new highscore category on the website

Donations & Rewards

Keep in mind all donations of those who have donated in October have been fully refunded, and the one prior to it will be refunded in the following manner:
Points have been refunded to the people who donated but they've been affect by inflation over the time.
For each month that passed by, they lost 2.5% of their original value. However, to promote leveling up, the King has decided to refund only 25% of the points for starters.
To get all of the points you have to level up, and you will get additional 15% of the original points at these levels: 100, 150, 200, 250, 350. You will begin with a starting cap of 3000 points and will gain up to 12,000 points depending on the amount you've donated.

Season 5 rewards:

Top 10 level on highscore:
#rank Season 5 Trophy
Top 50 level on highscore:
250 premium points
Top 10 skills:
250 premium points

You are also warmly welcome to join our very own Discord group.