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Information: No guild war frags were recorded for this months top guilds contest yet!


Second Week's Guild EventEventsWritten by Erza,

Since Ascarus traditionally launches on Fridays and Guild Events happen on Saturdays, as always, we will be reducing the rewards in these first 2 weeks, in order to not create big gaps between competing guilds early on, and enjoy fun battles on lower levels. We have now arrived at the second Guild Event, we hope you enjoyed last week's event.

The reward table for the second week will be the following:

  1. Guild Trophy, Addon Doll, Mystery Gift, 10 Gold Nuggets, 2x Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 100 Game Tokens
  2. Mystery Gift, 5 Gold Nuggets, 2x Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 80 Game Tokens
  3. Mystery Gift, 3 Gold Nuggets, Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 70 Game Tokens
  4. Pair of Soft Boots, 2 Gold Nuggets, 60 Game Tokens
  5. Pair of Soft Boots, 1 Gold Nugget, 50 Game Tokens

The reward table for week 3 and onwards will be normalized again, according to our events page.

Anti-AFK changesServerWritten by Erza,

Due to the outcome of this poll, we have decided to increase the minimum level for the Anti-AFK System from level 300 to level 400, as well as reduce the cost of bypasses by 10%.
Since approximately 50% voted to remove the system, and the other 50% were split between keeping it as it was or reducing the cost of bypasses, we decided this would be the most fair compromise for the time being. If desired, another vote can be held about it in the future, once player have experienced it with these current changes.

Crash IssueServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Tonight at around 2 AM, we faced 3 server crashes in quick succession.
As a safety precaution, our server automatically sends all characters to the temple of their hometown in case of a crash, in order to protect your characters from reconnecting inside of a full spawn and potentially dying.
For the integrity of the server and the safety of our players we have decided to leave the server offline until we managed to track the issue down and apply a fix.
We're sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you, but it's for the best. We're confident in being able to resolve it in a timely manner and hope you can bare with us.
Of course you can also expect a compensation in order to make up for the lost time, once we have resolved it.

Update (03:21 AM): We have by now managed to identify the cause of the crash and we're working on implementing a fix.
Update (03:45 AM): The server is back online and double experience has been enabled for the next 2 hours, in order to make up for the lost time.
Update (05:45 AM): Double experience has been deactivated and all player reports have been processed. We apologize once again for any inconvenience caused.

Top achievers [14th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top achievers awards for the 14th week have arrived!
These players were the most active in gaining achievements during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Zyzz [22 achievements] - 300 premium points.
  2. Wetreyex [21 achievements] - 150 premium points.
  3. Red Alert [20 achievements] - 100 premium points.

Server UpdateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
The server has been rebooted earlier today at 12:25 and a patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Reduced the strength of paralyse runes according to player feedback
  • Added life leech & mana leech enchantments, items which can hold these enchantments can be found on the enchantable item list and the bonus values can be found on the magic items page
  • Updated the loot of Corrupted Dragons, Wasteland Guards & Diseases
  • Fixed a bug that caused equipped items with charges to lose a charge on every hit in combat, for example when shooting a rune at a monster
  • Fixed a bug that allowed creatures with 0 speed to be walking
  • Experience boosters are now available again in the shop, as we usually always leave them disabled during the server launch