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Facebook ContestEventsWritten by Erza,

10000 premium points giveaway!

We are currently hosting a Facebook contest where we will give away a total of 10000 premium points!
There will be a total of 20 winners, each winner will receive 500 premium points! It will end on 10th April 2020 17:00 CEST.

Head over to our post for instructions on how to participate!
We also invite you to join our Discord server, where you can interact with staff & other players.

The winners have been picked! Here are the names: Kharsek, Fat Boy, Creolin, Demonic, Ramiz Eski, Elite Kniight, Van Der Linde, Zuzum, Sultan Bakkali, Dark Elite, Berlin, Jercoh, Komsumun Dalyaragi, Firicel, Slon Ther, Ibby, Kettama, Sculptor, Sanje, Rio
Your points keys have been sent to you on Facebook and they can be redeemed at the redeem page.

Ascarus Season 2 AnnouncementServerWritten by Erza,

Dear players, I would like to announce and welcome you to Ascarus Season 2. A season change, which has been much requested by our loyal playerbase, even more so in these difficult times the world is currently facing. We learned a lot during Season 1 and hope to now apply this gathered knowledge and build on the foundation that Season 1 has laid down. In this release we're making some big changes to the gameplay of Ascarus, which are the following: Stat Templates, reduction of experience & skill rates, removal of castles, disablement of the Anti-AFK system & removal of Dicer NPC's. We're excited to go through with these changes, most of which were community suggestions and hope to see an interesting season.

Ascarus Season 2 will start on Friday, 10th April 2020 18:00 CEST

Basic server info
Average exp rate: 19.45x (Custom system) (See server info page for details)
Protection level: 80
Skill rate: 16x
Magic rate: 9.6x
Loot rate: 2x
Client version: 8.60
Server location: France, Europe

Discord: Join the Ascarus Discord Server! (
Facebook: Ascarus (

Server Features
  • Real map 8.6 with several custom towns
  • Roshamuul accurately converted to 8.6, including all bosses & raids
  • Stat Templates for war arenas - Every player can join with the same stats for an equal playing field
  • Temporary Items - In addition to stat templates, we also provide temporary equipment sets to level the playing field even further
  • Reward Chest system - You will always get loot if you help killing a boss
  • Custom exp stage system to provide you with a smooth exp progression
  • Weekly guild frag rewards with points & mentions
  • A total of 23 towns, each town has it's own spawns, quests & secrets to discover
  • Community poll system on the website
  • Ability to view your account's login history
  • Bosses that have their own artificial intelligence
  • Many unique events - See the events page for more info
  • Bounty hunter system - Place a bounty on your enemies head to get them killed
  • Offline auction system
  • Offline messaging system
  • Custom addon bonus system - Increase your character's stats for each full outfit addon you collect
  • Custom task systems - we feature a daily task sytem, a progressive task system and a special tasks from NPC Eruaran, which you can find in Roshamuul in order to obtain valuables such as prison keys in order to fight the Roshamuul prison bosses
  • Partnered Twitch streamers - Show off Ascarus on your stream and we will promote your stream on the website
  • Achievement system - Unlock achievements for doing various things in the game, achievement points are also required in order to enter specific quests
  • PIN security system - Protect your characters with our homemade two-factor authentication system
  • Free premium points for reaching specific levels
  • Referral system - Refer your friends to Ascarus and earn free premium points
  • Quest log entries for quests
  • More than 40 custom quests
  • Standard boss raids were tuned to fit the gameplay dynamics of Ascarus - You won't see an Orshabaal die in 5 seconds
  • 10.x respawn system (non-blockable spawns)

Noteworthy Changes from Season 1
  • Added a stat template system, it allows players to temporarily assume the stats of a character with a specific level. The idea behind it is to create an equal playing field in the war arenas or certain events. This feature was highly requested during Season 1, we hope you enjoy it
  • Added a system that allows players to use temporary equipment pieces, it's an addition to the stat template system to level the playing field even further.

  • Castles have been removed - This should be more healthy for the game overall, as it does not allow uninterrupted hunting anymore
  • The Anti-AFK System has been disabled - One of the most frequent complaints we've heard during Season 1 was regarding the presence of the Anti-AFK System
  • Dicer NPC's have been removed - They were responsible for a masssive inflation of money in the game, especially during the start of Season 1. From now on, gambling will once again be on a player's own risk. In order to limit the amount of gambling going on, dice were added to the shop exclusively
  • The experience & skill rates have been lowered in order to go hand in hand with the removal of the Anti-AFK System and Castles. This should also contribute towards a longer season lifespan
  • Hellhounds, Undead Dragons & Infernalist spawns in the VIP area have been overhauled
  • Added an optimization to server saves, which should improve the player saving time a little
  • Added the summer dress as reward choice in the Defender quest
    • (Arm:17, distance fighting +3, protection physical +5%, fire +2%, life drain +5%, holy +5%, death +5%, speed +10). It can only be wielded properly by epic royal paladins of level 300 or higher. Bonus slots left: 2. It weighs 10.00 oz.
  • Introduced quivers as new addition to paladins
    • A quiver can be equipped in the arrow slot and holds ammunition such as arrows or bolts
    • Ammunition will only weigh half as much while it's placed in a quiver
    • You see a leather quiver (Vol:20). It weighs 20.00 oz. This leather quiver can hold a moderate amount of ammunition and only requires half as much capacity. It can be equipped in the arrow slot.
    • You see a mythril quiver (Vol:40). It weighs 8.00 oz. This light metal quiver can hold a substantial amount of ammunition and only requires half as much capacity. It can be equipped in the arrow slot.
  • Added the leather quiver as reward choice in the Ultimate Annihilator quest
  • Reduced the cost of the Epic promotion from 100 gold nuggets to 30 gold nuggets
  • Added NPC Faro & Faronetta as combined loot traders for VIP players, they are located on the top floor of the VIP shops and will buy everything that Alesar, Esrik, Haroun, Nah'Bob, Rashid, Soya & Yaman also buy
  • Players will now be granted free blessings when dying in a war arena that has exp loss disabled
  • Removed the attack debuff from the Swift Foot spell (utamo tempo san)
  • Added minimap downloads to the downloads page
  • The experience from monsters in Roshamuul has been increased by 10% in order to make them more attractive as a hunting option, apart from Eruaran's tasks
  • The access quest for the Aquarin Makara spawn has been simplified, as many players had issues understanding how it worked
  • Various other balancing changes
  • Distance attacks can no longer shoot targets outside of the client's viewport
  • Raised the amount of allowed offline time before a character gets added to the character auctions from 30 to 45 days

Season rewards
As always, the top players of a season will receive a few special rewards for their competitiveness
The rewarded categories are the following:
  • Top 10 players in the experience highscores
    • Victorious backpack with special engraving
    • Season trophy with special engraving
  • Top 50 players in the experience highscores
    • 200 premium points
  • Top 10 players above level 200 that had the highest scores in the following categories: Magic Level, Fist Fighting, Sword Fighting, Axe Fighting, Club Fighting, Distance Fighting, Shielding, Snake, Tasks & Achievements
    • 200 premium points

Donation refunds
All donations that were made within the last 30 days before launch will be fully refunded.
All donations that were made more than 30 days before launch will be refunded in the following manner:
  • The refunded amount begins at 70% and for each additional month that has passed since the donation was made, the points will lose 10% of their original value
  • Initially, you will receive 25% of the total points that are due to be refunded, and you will receive another 15% for each of these level milestones: 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, totalling 100%
  • The cap for the initial refund is 3000 points and the total amount of refunded points is capped to 12000 points

Guild points Offer closed due to too many fake guilds
We are offering 10x 550 premium points to all established guilds on the server. This offer ends on 17th April 2020 18:00 CEST. Please contact a staff member about it and have a list of members ready. Each guild member will be verified in order to prevent cheating.

Requirement & rules
  • The guild leader must be at least level 100 and actively playing
  • The guild must have at least 10 members that are not in any other guilds
  • The guild must distribute the points to guild members that need them
  • You must not split a larger guild into multiple smaller ones in order to claim more points
  • You must not create fake guilds for the sole purpose of claiming points
  • Members cannot leave the guild for at least 3 days after claiming points

Top fraggers [13th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top fraggers awards for the 13th week have arrived!
These players were the most active in PvP battles and in securing kills during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Nick Nolte [63 unique frags] - 500 premium points.
  2. Stay High [52 unique frags] - 250 premium points.
  3. Michael Scofield [49 unique frags] - 100 premium points.

Top players in the guild event [11th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top damage dealers in the guild event for the 11th week have arrived!
These heroic players faught valiantly and dealt the most damage in the guild event battle grounds thus acquired top 3 positions in most damage dealt and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Dio [14 568 860 total damage] - 300 premium points.
  2. Osama Pro [9 684 790 total damage] - 200 premium points.
  3. Gildarts [7 845 900 total damage] - 150 premium points.

Top achievers [10th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top achievers awards for the 10th week have arrived!
These players were the most active in gaining achievements during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Michael Scofield [26 achievements] - 300 premium points.
  2. Fedde Le Grand [19 achievements] - 150 premium points.
  3. Arther Of Avalon [17 achievements] - 100 premium points.