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Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Fixed an issue when using custom outfit changers while riding in mine carts, which resulted in client debugs
  • Reduced the required amount of mine cart rides in order to unlock the "Driver" achievement
  • Added a VIP exclusive dragon lord spawn & moved the old teleporter to the shortcut hub in the south building
  • Added a VIP exclusive demon spawn & moved the old teleporter to the shortcut hub in the south building
  • Improved the NPC variety in Pyre
  • Added minimap downloads to the downloads page
  • NPC Rashid will now buy war horns for 8000 gold
  • Corrected an incorrect magic effect when using war horns
  • Added bonus slots to dwarven armor
  • Rewrote the Addon Maker NPC
  • Changed golden helmet's physical resistance from 2% to 4%
  • Corrected the item name of the windweaver weapon
  • Updated the mine cart scripts and added a missing monster check for a specific quest area
  • Bazir's throne room in the Pits of Inferno quest now works as intended
  • Fixed a bug that teleported you to Thais on your first login, even if you selected a different starting town
  • Fixed an error when asking NPC Cael for a trade
  • Added NPC Faro as combined loot trader for VIP players, he is located on the top floor of the VIP shops and he will buy everything that Alesar, Esrik, Haroun, Nah'Bob, Rashid, Soya & Yaman also buy
  • Players may now use wild growth runes while fighting Aryenai in the Arcanes Hat quest
  • Brewster will no longer apply addons to the citizen outfit after getting divorced if a player can't wear the addons
  • Corrected the loot of Hellhounds according to the Wiki
  • Corrected the loot of Draken Elites according to the Wiki
  • Removed the attack debuff from the Swift Foot spell (utamo tempo san)
  • Corrected a wrong voice line of Illusion of Ghazbaran
  • Updated the loot crate event and added additional towns where the crates can drop in
  • Fixed raids being able to spawn on tiles where there was no ground tile
  • Fixed the code responsible for floor transfer via height objects (for example stacking 3 parcels), which could prevent you from going up stairs or even cause client debugs in some cases

Christmas updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
We wish you a merry christmas and hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones during these festive days.
In order to celebrate the holiday season, we have prepared a small event for you to enjoy as well as the usual regular server updates.

Christmas Event
Oh no! Good old Santa has lost some of his christmas presents to the evil Grynch Clan Goblins who are trying to ruin Christmas!
Catch them if you see them trying to raid any of the Ascarian cities and return the bags to Santa in exchange for a reward.
Furthermore, the goblins dropped some of the bags when they ran away, which were picked up by other wild monsters! Return these to Santa as well if you happen to find any of them.
The event will be running until 26th December 2019 23:59 CET (shortened due to demand from players).
In order to randomly drop bags from monsters, their max health needs to be 500 or higher.

  • Fixed a bug on the website that would sometimes show your account as banned after logging in, even if it wasn't
  • Fixed an error when logging in on top of another player in trainers that was introduced in the last patch
  • Fixed players not receiving the achievement when getting the epic promotion, and added the achievement to all players who haven't received it
  • Make Latrivan sense invisibility
  • Adjusted Juggernaut's attack and healing according to Wiki
  • Rewrote the Anti-AFK bypass scripts from scratch, this includes NPC Carole as well as the bypass item itself
  • Added addon dolls back to the loot of Phrodomo & Daitya, with a low drop chance
  • Fixed a bug in the !castletime command which would cause it to show wrong times
  • Fixed being unable to go up the stairs in the revamped Frost Dragon spawn in VIP
  • Added boots of haste & glacier kilt to the loot of Makaras & Young Makaras
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Makaras & Young Makaras
  • Moved the "Forsaken Dwarves" task to the level 350+ bracket, as you need level 350 in order to travel to the Dwarf Kingdom
  • Fixed a wall in the "VIP Shop House 2" house that would cause hangbale items to land in the water when trying to hang them on the wall
  • Removed adventurer's stone from the loot of Nightmare Scions
  • Reduced the chance of prison keys from mystery gifts
  • Removed spellbook of warding from Horadron's loot
  • Reduced the required kills for tasks from NPC Eruaran
  • Fixed being unable to construct lizard weapon rack kits in houses
  • Added decorative Sea Serpents to the aquarium of the "Low Waters Observatory" house in Ankrahmun
  • Slightly increased the amount of platinum coins from Energized Wyrms & Aged Energized Wyrms and added tower shield & dragon scale mail to the loot
  • Slightly increased the amount of platinum coins from all sacred spiders in the Spider Caves
  • Corrected the item name of magic light wands
  • Added a christmas event
  • Updated the locations of the loot crate event, as well as added 2 new cities in which they can drop
Hotfix from 24th December 2019 23:13 CET
  • Reduced the drop rate of higher value items from present bags
  • Made the Grynch Clan Goblin raids spawn 1 wave per announcement message instead of spawning all on the 3rd message
  • Added game tokens & christmas presents to the possible rewards from exchanging present bags
  • Reduced the loot from prison key bosses
  • Corrected the stats of butcher's axe
  • The drop rate of present bags in wild monsters now scales with the monster's strength
  • Fixed being unable to construct snowman kits in houses
  • Fixed a wrong level check in the anti-AFK bypass item

Server updateServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Removed the stamina penalty when dying to the Anti-AFK monster
  • Increased the time limit to answer the Anti-AFK question from 3 minutes & 20 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Increased the Anti-AFK starting level from 300 to 325
  • Added a new 2-hour Anti-AFK bypass to NPC Carole
  • Fixed golden helmet not applying it's bonus stats when equipped
  • Reduced the reroll cost for Daily Tasks from 50% to 25% of the reward
  • Added an achievement for participating in killing Gaz'haragoth
  • Updated the messages of the help channel bot
  • Reduced the required amount of kills for the Serpent Spawn & Grim Reaper TGYoshi tasks
  • Rewrote the 10th mission of the Yalahar quest (Azerus fight) and fixed the teleporter not disappearing anymore after Azerus was defeated
  • Staff members will now always have at least 30 VIP days available
  • The level requirement for events has been dropped to the PvP protection level (80)
  • You can no longer put items on the ground in the Snake game area
  • Removed gold nuggets from the allowed auction items
  • Reduced the healing of Medusas
  • Removed the experience penalty when getting kicked out of the Deathmatch event for being AFK
  • Fixed a bug in the auctions command
  • You are no longer able to log in on top of characters below the protection level in trainers
  • NPC Rashid will now buy demonic essences for 1000 gold coins
  • The Cure Burning spell (exana flam) can now be cast by all vocations
  • The loot of Makara & Young Makara has been slightly buffed
  • The dice on the depot of Dicer NPC's should no longer be removed by map cleans
  • Added a minimum damage requirement of 1% in order to qualify for loot from bosses that use the Reward Chest system
  • The Party Animal raid boss will now use the reward chest system
  • Added a custom despawn radius to all raid monsters, they will now teleport back to their spawn position after being lured further than 50 SQM
  • Community Managers have been granted more banning power, such as the ability to execute IP banishments
  • Reduced the duration of the freeze condition from Frost Flower Asura & True Frost Flower Asura
  • The VIP Serpent Spawn & Frost Dragon spawns have been revamped
  • The quest for access to Makaras has been updated - If you previously finished the quest, you will still have access to the spawn
  • The maximum price for auction items has been increased from 500 gold nuggets to 1000 gold nuggets
I'm also happy to report that after the last patch no more server lockups have happened, and shouldn't happen again.

Minor patchServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

Dear players,
A minor patch to the server has been applied, you can find a list of changes below.


  • Fixed a ramp in the Zao steppe that would not allow you to go down anymore
  • Added signs to the city of Aquarin & it's surroundings to help with navigation
  • Added indicators to teleporters in VIP that indicate whether or not you will have to walk in order to return to towns
  • Fixed the item requirements for the hunter addons being mixed up
  • Fixed NPC Esrik not responding to greetings
  • Castle Crawlers can no longer spawn with skulls
  • Removed Ferumbras' hat from AI loot of some bosses
  • Added additional travel destinations to NPC Captain Noruiven in Northport
  • The Lizards teleporter in VIP will now teleport you to Razachai instead of the Zzaion lizard stronghold
Furthermore, this patch will serve as a test for the lockup issues that happened yesterday.
We may have identified the cause and will continue to monitor the server activity.

Downtime this morningServer MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

This morning at 6:49 AM we suffered a downtime of 3 hours and 11 minutes due to a server lockup.
We'll be working on putting a better system in place for these scenarios, so downtime is kept to a minimum if such a situation should arise again.
In order to compensate for the lost time, the experience, skill, magic & loot rates have been doubled for 5 hours to make up for the lost time. Additionally, 2 extra VIP days have been added to all accounts.
In order to fairly distribute the double exp time, it will be spreaded out over the day.

Hours used


2 hours have been applied from 10 AM - 12 AM CET
The remaining 3 hours will be applied from 5 PM to 10 PM CET
Update: Due to another lockup at 4:36 PM the rates have been extended by 2 hours. They have been enabled at 5 PM and will last until 10 PM.
We're extremely sorry about the inconvenience and are working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Furthermore the server save interval has been set to 15 minutes, which means you will not lose more than 15 minutes of progress in case of an issue.