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Information: No guild war frags were recorded for this months top guilds contest yet!


First Weeks Guild EventEventsWritten by Erza,

Since Ascarus traditionally launches on Fridays and Guild Events happen on Saturdays, as always, we will be reducing the rewards in these first 2 weeks, in order to not create big gaps between competing guilds early on, and enjoy fun battles on lower levels.

The reward table for the first week will be the following:

  1. Guild Trophy, Mystery Gift, 3 Gold Nuggets, 2x Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 100 Game Tokens
  2. Mystery Gift, 2 Gold Nuggets, Orb of Enchantment, Stamina Refiller, 80 Game Tokens
  3. Mystery Gift, 1 Gold Nugget, Stamina Refiller, 70 Game Tokens
  4. Pair of Soft Boots, 50 Crystal Coins, 60 Game Tokens
  5. Pair of Soft Boots, 30 Crystal Coins, 50 Game Tokens

The reward table for week 2 will be posted next week.
Notice: After observing this week's guild event, we decided to furthermore reduce the health of the guild event creature by a substantial amount for the next event.
This is due to the spell formula and exhaust changes that came with this season.

Launch ContestsEventsWritten by Erza,

10000 premium points Facebook contest!

We are currently hosting a Facebook contest where we will give away a total of 10000 premium points!
There will be a total of 20 winners, each winner will receive 500 premium points! It will end on 8th April 2022 17:00 CEST.

LIKE and SHARE our post, then post a comment with YOUR CHARACTER NAME for a chance to win 500 premium points!

The winners have been picked! Here are the names: Damian Lewandowski, Benjamin Couce Lopez, Mohamed Khaled, Ania Kubicka, Deniz Varol, Mehmet Uygar Aksu, Anis Salih, Shannon Steele, Adel Gamal, Gevviya Babara, Hayat Bayat, Criss Colomb, Mateusz Szklana, Berkant Gün, Philip Arthodox Philip, Manuel Villamil, Sammy Johansson, Krzysztof Zwierzycki, Bartek Adamski & Osama Hassan.
Your points keys will be sent to you on Facebook and they can be redeemed at the redeem page.

10000 premium points Discord contest!

The concept is simple: Send invites to our Discord server to your friends and ask them to join it! We are tracking invites in the #invites channel, and the 20 people with the most invites will receive 500 premium points each (10000 premium points total)!
Important: You need to generate the invite link yourself so it can be attributed to you properly!
Invites are only counted if the invited person's Discord account is at least 7 days old! This is in order to prevent people from creating new accounts in order to manipulate the contest.

Ascarus Season 5 AnnouncementServerWritten by Erza,

Dear players, I would like to announce and welcome you to Ascarus Season 5. For this season, we have put a special focus on one of the most controversial aspects of the server: the PvP system. As Ascarus has evolved since 2011, there have been a lot of questionable relics from the past left in the server, to name one example: spell cooldowns that were all over the place, as well as spell formulas. We have heard multiple times from newly joining teams, that these things were very concerning, so we have decided to begin with a fresh balancing effort and evolve from here onwards. We certainly value your opinions on the countless gameplay changes, so please make sure to give us your feedback. Furthermore, as usual, there have been countless massive changes to the server's internal systems, which allows us much more freedom with the content we can create in the future. Last but not least, for this season we've made adjustments to how gift point refunds are handled. Refunds are no longer limited to just 1 season in the past.

Ascarus Season 5 will start on Friday, 8th April 2022 18:00 CEST

Older Trailers

Basic server info
Average exp rate: 30.7x (See server info page for details)
Protection level: 80
Skill rate: 14.4x
Magic rate: 8.6x
Loot rate: 2x
Client version: 8.60
Server location: France, Europe

Discord: Join the Ascarus Discord Server! (
Facebook: Ascarus (

Server Features
  • Real map 8.6 with several custom towns
  • Optional antibot client launcher for manual players
  • A total of 95 outfits
  • A shop for beginner guilds who want to compete on Ascarus
  • Roshamuul accurately converted to 8.6, including all bosses & raids
  • Guild Battle Arenas - Customizable war arenas, featuring configurable AoE damage, SSA/Might Ring equip exhausts, player limits, max player levels, high risk mode & more
  • Reward Chest system - You will always get loot if you help killing a boss
  • Magic Items - An extensive item enchanting system
  • Item Salvaging - Got a magic item that doesn't have any interesting bonuses? Salvage magical dusts from it and exchange them for orbs of enchantment in order to enchant another item!
  • Item Market system - Got an item with interesting bonus stats that you think someone might like to buy? List it on our item market!
  • Weekly activity rewards with points & mentions
  • A total of 22 towns, each town has it's own spawns, quests & secrets to discover
  • Community poll system on the website
  • Ability to view your account's login history
  • Bosses that have their own artificial intelligence
  • Many unique events - See the events page for more info
  • Bounty hunter system - Place a bounty on your enemies head to get them killed
  • Offline messaging system
  • Custom addon bonus system - Increase your character's stats for each full outfit addon you collect
  • Custom task systems - we feature a daily task sytem, a progressive task system, a special tasks from NPC Eruaran, which you can find in Roshamuul in order to obtain valuables such as prison keys in order to fight the Roshamuul prison bosses, as well as a customizable task system that lets you pick your own monster amounts and pick between a gold or experience reward
  • Partnered Twitch streamers - Show off Ascarus on your stream and we will promote your stream on the website automatically
  • Achievement system - Unlock achievements for doing various things in the game, achievement points are also required in order to enter specific quests
  • PIN security system - Protect your characters with our homemade two-factor authentication system
  • Free premium points for reaching specific levels
  • Referral system - Refer your friends to Ascarus and earn free premium points
  • Quest log entries for quests
  • More than 40 custom quests
  • Players are limited to a maximum of 4 active MC clients to combat massive MC farms
  • Standard boss raids were tuned to fit the gameplay dynamics of Ascarus - You won't see an Orshabaal die in 5 seconds
  • 10.x respawn system (non-blockable spawns)

Noteworthy Changes from Season 4
  • Completely remade the spells code, spell formulas and cooldowns
  • Completely remade the Guild Battle Arenas - Customizable war arenas, featuring configurable AoE damage, SSA/Might Ring equip exhausts, player limits, max player levels, high risk mode & more. Guild Battles can be set up by talking to [War] Tyr at Thais depot +2
  • Removed the town of Aquarin from the game - It was underused, and the layout was very confusing for players. It was a very old town, added to the server as early as 2012. Spawns and quests from the town that were worth keeping have been moved to other places on the map
  • Changed the player attack speed to a default value of 2 seconds
  • Changed the attack spell cooldowns to a default value of 2 seconds
  • AoE spells are no longer being blocked if there are more than X amount of players on screen, instead, the Guild Battle Arenas have an option to reduce AoE spell damage, if desired
  • Changed the push delay (1 SQM distance/standing next to a creature) to a value of 800 milliseconds
  • Updated the PvP experience formula
  • Adjusted the stats of various equipment pieces to go along with the others PvP related changes
  • Removed the ascended promotion from the game
  • Removed all level 300, 400 and 500 spells from the game
  • Creatures will now die instantly after reaching 0 health, rather than waiting for the next server tick to process the creature death
  • Re-introduced the Anti AFK System due to player request
  • Added new spawns around the map
  • Introduced a new end-game spellbook for mages, obtainable through the old Ascension quest or rare boss drop
  • Rebalanced monsters & bosses to go along with the new spell and equipment changes
  • Created a Spawn Locations page with videos showcasing the locations of various spawns, raids and other content
  • Removed the shortcut portals in VIP town
  • Added oldschool map features of Masiyah back to Thais, such as the old south gate, boss portals near the boat or hidden holes
  • Updated the server rules, they're now much more compact with clear punishments
  • Remade the ban system to go along with the new server rules - staff are now able to ban accounts, characters and IP addresses individually, and with specific durations
  • Adjusted how gift point refunds are handled, more information can be found in the "Point refunds" section below
  • Various other fixes and optimizations in the server engine
  • And many more minor changes that didn't make it into this announcement post...

Season rewards
As always, the top players of a season will receive a few special rewards for their competitiveness
The rewarded categories are the following:
  • Top 10 players in the experience highscores
    • Victorious backpack with special engraving
    • Season trophy with special engraving
  • Top 50 players in the experience highscores
    • 200 premium points
  • Top 10 players above level 200 that had the highest scores in the following categories: Magic Level, Fist Fighting, Sword Fighting, Axe Fighting, Club Fighting, Distance Fighting, Shielding, Snake, Tasks & Achievements
    • 200 premium points

Point refunds
All point purchases that were made within the last 30 days before launch will be fully refunded.
All point purchases that were made more than 30 days before launch will be refunded in the following manner:
  • The refunded amount begins at 80% and for each additional month that has passed since the point purchase was made, the points will lose 9% of their original value
  • Unlike previous seasons, refunds are no longer limited to 1 season only. You will continue to receive refunds from previous seasons until the point value has decreased to 0%
  • The amount of refunded points is capped to 10000 points

Guild points
Due to the popularity of us offering guild points manually during Season 2, we have added an automated system to distribute these points since Season 3. Points obtained through this system can be spent in the guild shop

Client showcase


Top achievers [10th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top achievers awards for the 10th week have arrived!
These players were the most active in gaining achievements during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Baby [21 achievements] - 300 premium points.
  2. Light [19 achievements] - 150 premium points.
  3. Weight [19 achievements] - 100 premium points.

Top fraggers [09th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Ascarus staff,

Top fraggers awards for the 09th week have arrived!
These players were the most active in PvP battles and in securing kills during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Nub [94 unique frags] - 500 premium points.
  2. Bingoman [93 unique frags] - 250 premium points.
  3. Falan Filan [90 unique frags] - 100 premium points.