Pinned Merry Christmas 2018 - Season 6 Patch #4 & #5Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza,

First of all, we'd like to wish you all a merry christmas & happy holidays - in order to celebrate have enabled double EXP until 1st January 2019.

Furthermore, the following changes have been made and are now live:
  • Notes from patch #5 (live since 26th December 2018)
    • Fixed players appearing in training monks without monsters being present after verifying their PIN code
    • Added 5% distance weapon damage to ascended paladins
    • Teleport clay is now usable in PZ without having to wait for battle sign to disappear
    • The experience from Sacred Venomous Widows has been recuced from 90k to 84k
    • Monsters in Grimvale will now heal themselves less frequently
    • Magic level loss has been reduced - You will now lose 4% magic level when dying on an ascended character with magic level 152 - Previously it was 10%
    • Added a cooldown period to the bosses in the weekly guild castle, you may now hunt them for 6 hours and then have a cooldown of 12 hours
    • The monster "Deepsea Constrictor" can no longer be convinced
    • The loot of Asuras has been adjusted, they will now additionally drop crystal coins
    • Phoenix Ring will now suppress drunkness
  • Notes from patch #4 (live since 24th December 2018)
    • The Asura Palace has been expanded, it now also includes the "True Asura" area - Level 300 is required to pass the mirror portal
    • Remade the attacks of the normal Asuras, they should now be more accurate to real values
    • The exhaust for Sudden Death runes has been increased by 200ms - From 1.1s to 1.3s
    • The minimum damage you will deal with distance or melee weapons has been raised, damage values are alot more consistent for knights & paladins now
    • The minimum damage of the "exori gran con" spell has been raised
    • The amount of magic level that you lose upon death has been reduced
    • Fire fields will now properly apply PZ lock when another player is damaged by them
    • The traps in the mystery gift quest will now deal less damage to monsters
    • Fixed a specific type of door moving players to the wrong direction when being closed
    • Fixed doors in the Ascension quest not allowing players to close them while a player was standing inside of them
    • Made players able to access areas in the Ascension quest again after they have already been completed
    • The monster "Satan" can no longer be convinced
    • Fixed all exit teleporters in the castle boss spawns
    • Fixed the winner of the Snowball event potentially becoming stuck in the event after it ends
    • Fixed a few visible missing tiles in Rookgaard & Edron
    • The script for the mine carts in Kazordoon has been remade, it will now also transport you if you have battle sign
    • Fixed a few visible missing tiles in the Game of Thrones area
    • Fixed the Orc King NPC sometimes not spawning his summons when being talked to